On November 8th. I received a call from a Saskatoon  collector she asked me to come over and see the banks she had picked up from  various locations.  On November 9th. 2016  I visited  her home to view the banks being offered for sale.  I purchased 19 more banks for the collection at prices that were fair.  There was a mixture of cast iron mechanical (r)  , Disney, Reliable, O. Japan and many others.  Over the next few months I will do up some pictures and put them on the site.  With the election over (no I did not win) it is time to focus on adding banks to the web site as soon as I catch up on everything else that was put of hold during my run for local Government.    Thanks for visiting.    Y ‘ All come back soon   Mark










Collectable Hunting tip

I am always on the look out for coin banks and find that if I can be first into a flea market or collectables sale I stand a better chance to buy  rare or sot after items.  I try and find out about indoor shows weeks ahead and then do one of two things … One if booth/table rental is cheap enough I purchase a spot to allow me early entry so I can meet fellow vendors and purchase banks prior to the sale.   Now this works in your favour at times and at other times against you.   Some vendors give fellow vendors a better price while others want top dollar as they think your probably going to move it to your booth and sell it for a higher price ( this does happen but not when a collector is buying for their personal collection ).  If you can prove you collect an item and this purchase is not for resale then you may get a deal.  Vendors love collectors as they usually pay a premium for what they want.   You win when you find items at under what they are worth as vendor has not researched the prices or in case of flea markets just want the item gone.   With the internet this happens less and less now.  You also win when you find an item you have been looking for to add to your collection filling in voids in the collection.   When booth /table rental is costly I usually enquire about set up times and go to the site during those times as if I am a vendor.   Most of these sales are run by clubs and seldom have much security to weed out people who do not belong on site.  90% of the time I just walk in as if I am a vender and mull around the booths setting up looking for deals.  I do make a point to attend the sale when open to the public so I pay my cost of entry and catch the booths who set up late.  After all the most fun of collecting is the hunt… the item your prize.  If caught by security being on site prior to being open to public say your sorry and leave.  Happy Hunting.

Penny Count




During my early years of collecting I use to have a policy that I would not buy another bank until the last purchase was full of coins.  After a few years of this I found a toll being taken on my display shelves as they bowed to the weight.  Plus I was constantly breaking my own rule and buying more banks.   So I decided to stop filling the banks and now the collection is mostly empty except for a few coins in each bank as I feel it is bad luck to have an empty bank.  The banks with stoppers were emptied into five gallon pails and then roll by my aging mother as she was board and wanted something to do.  When all was said and done she had rolled over  S1800.00 in pennies ( I also keep another 50,000 pennies as could not bear to watch them disappear forever )  I took the silver to the coin counter at the bank (no charge to use for customers) and walked away with over $5000.00 dollars more.  The banks that still have pennies in them are ones without coin release holes that must be emptied through  the slot slowly so as not to damage the banks.  Once this is done a few pennies are put back into the bank and it is put back on the shelf.  The pennies are then counted and noted on this site.  If there is no penny count that means the bank has not been filled at the time of entering to this site and will not be filled to get penny count.  Please note my counts are only what I had placed in the bank(s) what others are able to fit into the same bank may be different  Thanks for reading hope you enjoy this site.  Please come back often as things are always being added.  The banks pictured above still need to be put on site and are only some of the collection.  I expect the logging in of the full collection at the pace I am going will take over three years without help … Yes I am up to the task.


Before I wrote another article for the site I decided to go on line to see if I was using the term BIRD DOGGING  correctly.

Now I did expect to find it referring to bird hunting and the role dogs play in that sport.  It did …however it also stated it is used to identify a person who attempts to steal others partner or one who likes to find numerous partners to share their sexual talents so to speak.

In business it is used about people who steal other peoples ideas.  It is used in sports and real estate and many other trades in various ways.

I use it as a term for people who are on the lookout for banks that I may add to my collection.  I often hand out my card and ask people to call me first if they come across any banks and if I like and want them for may collection I will offer a fair price as I am a collector not a reseller.   This person BIRD DOGS for me is what I use to say and now I think I must find a different heading or title.

Now let me offer my views on the difference between resellers ( better know as pickers ) and collectors.  Resellers or picker are on the hunt to buy items at a lower price and sell the items for as much as they can.   A quick profit for tracking down an item and offering it to a collector of such items or someone who needs the item to restore one they already have.  Collectors are resellers or trackers best customers we go in and buy items at values higher than most if it is a piece we want for our collection.  SUPPLY and  DEMAND is the term tackers use to describe their business operations.    I often ask people to bird dog for me maybe it should be changed to when your tracking please watch for banks for me.

Now that I have learned how another word or phrase has changed over the years maybe I have to start looking things up before I use the term in public.  Now before you think it I do not live in a bubble and I do read the newspaper and watch the news on TV and search on the computer but some terms are totally new to me or have changed in meaning over the years and in many cases where in the country it is used.

I have been told I am not POLITICALLY CORRECT and will now have to look on the web to se what people are really telling me.  I understand it to mean that I may use terms or language that is not suitable in the group of people I am dealing with.  All words and phrases have  a place in this world but not all people or places are suitable for some phrases or words.

Ah the English language so unique … I just wish everyone in Canada would or could speak it.  It sounds like with our new government we will have 25000 more people who will have to learn English or brush up on their English skills.   Maybe we need more English teachers if our government is going to cast open our borders for all to enter…  alas another subject for my soap box area.  Thanks for reading. Mark