Building the foundation … The Plan

Over the next few months we will be planning how the site should look and get the proper paperwork in order so we do not break any laws. This site will be available for anyone wanting too view our collection and for other bank collectors to see what we have gathered. The collection was started in the 1950’s and has been added to over the years when coin banks that suited my delight came along I purchased them and now today the collection consists of over 2000 banks. I felt it was time to put the collection out on display for the public through this virtual museum.
Please be patient as the site will take time to build with limited computer skills and no funds to go out and hire talent. Will be looking at gathering some help from interested parties to work on this project.

Working on a backdrop for bank pictures

What a glorious day to start planning a backdrop for the photos of all the banks and talking to a computer smart person to help put them on the site. The Virtual Museum will be starting soon with features and more pictures being put on site every month. This picture is a test.

My two helpers… gotta love your dogs. Ruby our little one is still going strong however Buddy has recently passed away so this entry is in his memory and he will be with us always in our hearts.