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ANNABEL PIG  One of five pigs in series made as a Child Promotion to open an account at National Bank ( Natwest ).  These ceramic banks were made by Wade England.  Originally the Sunshine Ceramic Company had the contract  and could not meet the demand for the banks.  This resulted in Wade taking over production.  The whole collection is shown on the site and while searching to find all five banks I ended up with some extras a group picture of all my Wade pigs will be shown on site in the future.  Annabel measure 6 1/4″ high x4 1/2″ long x 4 1/2″ deep.  The coin slot is in the back of the head and the coin release is on the bottom with a thick plastic stopper marked with “NATWEST”  across it.  WADE ENGLAND is marked on the bottom of most of my collection except for one Woody made by Sunshine.   Banks not marked with Wade on the bottom may not be reproductions but some of the original 400 of each made by SUNSHINE  CERAMICS with such  a low number produced these are considered rare and hence have a much higher value. (Except Woody which being the first bank received in collection had a much higher production run by Sunshine.)   These banks were added to collection through numerous purchases on E Bay April 5th. to 11th. 2016  Excellent condition value $35.00 to $55.00 for Wade production  $500.00 for Sunshine original production run.   G

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