Sunshine Ceramics started production of the Natwest Piggy Banks in early 1982 and all of the pigs in the original collection were modeled by Paul Cardew  based on the designs provided to him.  The company could not keep up with the high demand for the banks and production was turned over to WADE Ceramics Ltd.   It is believed that Sunshine produced 400 of the five set collection which were introduced at selected Natwest branches around the country (England).  It is also noted that they also produced about 100.000 of WOODY before ending there production at the end of 1983.   Future production was done by Wade Ceramics until the end of the promotion all Wade banks are marked on the bottom “WADE ENGLAND”.  These banks were added to collection through numerous purchases on E Bay April 5th. to 11th. 2016  Excellent condition value $35.00 to $55.00 for Wade production or  $100.00 for Sunshine original production run.   Note the woody was the first bank given when the new account was opened Sunshine produced over 100,000 woody banks and only 400 of each of the other four in the collection those 400 banks are very rare and will fetch a high price if they come on the market.   G

However many of the Sunshine Woodys have an embossed “B” or “W” marking on the bottom.

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