One small step

Getting impatient waiting for my computer guy to help me out I am playing in the system. You try you learn. This is not the type of pictures that will appear on this site in the future just me playing with a phone camera trying to figure things out. The clock and the hobo directly behind the clock are Not Banks all the rest are. When totally set up we will have cast iron separated from glass and plastic and ceramic however for group pictures like this at the start they will be mixed together. My collection consists of cast iron , glass, plastics (many types) tin and many other metal types, ceramic, wood and rubber to name a few. There are musical , mechanical, motorize, and still to name just some. So with a collection my size you have a mixture of everything. Some over a hundred years old and others made in the last few years all hold a place in my collection. As more pictures are added and a comments section added please feel free to ask questions or help me with more information on the banks on display.

photo (1)


Driving down the road viewing the wonderful colors in the trees red’s yellow’s brown’s and still a splash of green makes me smile. The fact that winter will soon be upon us and I can start my work at setting up the Virtual Bank Museum. On Oct. 3rd. I watched the first of two auctions of the CLIVE DEVENISH Collection. One of the finest collection of banks to ever be offered for sale. The second auction will be taking place in a few months and I hope to be able to purchase a few pieces. I did purchase the catalog for this auction which shows the banks up for sale and the asking prices. Once all the banks in my collection are photographed and placed on site along with write ups on each of them. It is my hope that we will be able to expand our collect with high quality pieces from well know collectors. At this time I am a member of the STILL BANK COLLECTORS OF AMERICA and have plans to make application to join the MECHANICAL BANK COLLECTORS OF AMERICA. My computer programmer and photo input person is currently writing exams so is not available yet to add some fantastic ideas to the site. Give me time as with little funding this site will take time to create. I will put something on this site every few weeks so that you know we are still working on it. Thanks for the visit.

The next step.

I have found someone willing to take edit and load pictures of the collection along with a write up to go with the pictures. He needs to write a program for this and will contact me when he is ready to start. I have many features I would love on the site but when your working with a very small budget things move slowly. Thanks for checking in please come back and see our progress. Happy Collecting Mark



banks on a shelf


Welcome to
Greetings my name is Mark Mills. Born in Canada in the 1950’s as an small boy I was given my first bank. At about five years old I was asked what I would like from a gift shop on a family holiday and I picked up a bank.  Those banks from my youth are what started my collection and today they still have more sentimental value then true cash value. After receiving a few more banks in my early years I was hooked. Over the years I searched flea markets, garage sales, and auctions along with used second hand stores. Then along came the internet and the world opened up for buying and collecting world wide .  Now with the aid of computers collecting has become so much easier. The whole world is only a few key strokes away.   I am constantly searching for special banks and those that reflect the area in which they were purchased… a light house from the coast a grain elevator from the west building banks from the east. What started out with just one Bank … grew into a collection far larger then I had ever expected. Before the age of computer I was lucky to buy five banks a month looking at flea markets and having people in the second hand business on the constant search for banks. Now today a few banks every week is common place and if there is a sale or auction happening that may have banks I am able to buy as many as one to a hundred banks in one day. Now with retirement knocking at my door I have decided to feature my collection on a Virtual Museum. Please come back often to see how things are going as this site. It may take years to fully evolve into the interactive site I have planned in my mind. Until I find a computer programmer willing to add all the bells and whistles and easy to use functions this site will remain low key. Contact me at if you have any coin bank stories you would like to share or any banks you would like to donate to the collection. With a very limited budget the hiring of a programmer is not on the horizon but I have one willing to work on the site so he can use it on his portfolio.  He is honing his skills at the University for the next few years. With our discussions on what I would love to see hopefully he will be able to turn my dreams into reality.

Building the foundation … The Plan

Over the next few months we will be planning how the site should look and get the proper paperwork in order so we do not break any laws. This site will be available for anyone wanting too view our collection and for other bank collectors to see what we have gathered. The collection was started in the 1950’s and has been added to over the years when coin banks that suited my delight came along I purchased them and now today the collection consists of over 2000 banks. I felt it was time to put the collection out on display for the public through this virtual museum.
Please be patient as the site will take time to build with limited computer skills and no funds to go out and hire talent. Will be looking at gathering some help from interested parties to work on this project.

Working on a backdrop for bank pictures

What a glorious day to start planning a backdrop for the photos of all the banks and talking to a computer smart person to help put them on the site. The Virtual Museum will be starting soon with features and more pictures being put on site every month. This picture is a test.

My two helpers… gotta love your dogs. Ruby our little one is still going strong however Buddy has recently passed away so this entry is in his memory and he will be with us always in our hearts.